WHILZ Whitepaper


Read the entire White Paper before taking any action.
  • This document, here in after referred to as White Paper, has been prepared to present the Whilz project to potential participants and those interested in contributing to its development. The information presented below may not be exhaustive.Nor does it imply any contractual relationship. Its sole purpose is to provide information about Whilz
  • No part of this White Paper shall be considered a prospectus or solicitation, nor shall it relate in any way to an offer to purchase securities in any jurisdiction. The subject document has not been drafted in accordance with, or subject to, any law or regulation of any jurisdiction intended to protect interested parties.
  • Whilz reserves the right to make changes to the White Paper. In case of differences between the versions of the document, the latest version of the White Paper published on the Whilz.io website will prevail, and all previously published versions will be considered invalid in all its iterations and representations.
  • The information contained in this White Paper and on Whilz.io is of a merely descriptive, non-binding nature In particular, the interested party should be aware that the purchase of Coin from Whilz may involve high risks. Please refer to the risk section in the Terms for more information