WHILZ Whitepaper

$WIZ Protocol

  • Security Account information is encrypted and stored. The app allows users to set private keys and a PIN to authenticate all the transactions. The Whilz network authenticates connections using public and private key cryptography. The PIN can’t be cracked due to a set algorithm, which means it is secure unless the user shares it to another person. The wallet account is linked to email accounts and allows users to reset their password whenever they choose to do so. The users are responsible for making sure the password is safe and secure. Users can also add an extra layer of security using 2FA with Google authenticator.
  • Speed Nowadays, speed is important to modern day professionals. Users expect tasks to be done easily without any extra hassle. The speed of a transaction is incredible, as it doesn’t require the whole network to approve and process each transaction. The transaction reaches the recipient at a rapid speed: transaction time is just one second. The system can manage 10,000 transactions per second.
  • Cost The main advantage of using the WIZ algorithm is the cost. Martel can be transferred from one wallet to another without any transaction cost for the transaction. There are no intermediaries, there are no costs and no extra hidden fees or surprises.
  • Signed Transaction Whilz is well-aware of the repercussions we encounter in our daily life.One of the most common irritating errors that could happen is sending money to the wrong address while knowing it is unrecoverable.This signed transaction provides security and trust between parties while doing the transactions because of this feature, users are less likely to accidentally send funds to the wrong address.
  • Anonymous Balance Users are concerned about the security of their data and personal information.Users need to feel confident that their accounts are encrypted and safe.One of the best features of the algorithm is that it does not display the wallet’s balance online.The sender and the receiver are identified with a unique number that is generated by the system and it is not recorded any other personal info about the user, that's why it remains anonymous.
  • Scalability Due to the innovative algorithm and process, Whilz has strong scalability and can be paired with any smartphone around the world. The technology is easy to use and accessible for any smartphone user. The system can manage millions of active users per day