Q1 - 2023
Create a projected concept and design blueprint.
Q2 - 2023
The prototype version was released & integrated into BSC
Q4 2023
Development & Design
Landing page and white paper disclosed Build A Smart Contract.
Q1 2024
ICO Sale Start
Start Slab 1 Of the ICO Sale Of Whilz
Q2 2025
ICO Sale End
End Slab 10 Of the ICO Sale Of Whilz
Q2 2025
Listing on exchanges
Whilz listing on exchanges
Q2 2025
Payment App Development
Front-end, back-end development, API and Latency testing
Q3 2025
Blockchain Payment
Integrated blockchain payment method via our API
Q4 2025
Beta Launch
The product’s Beta version will be launched
Q1 2026
System Updates
Security patch level updates and platform improvements