WHILZ Whitepaper

Environmentally Friendly

One major concern about cryptocurrency is it's potentially negative effect on the environment. Bitcoin mining in particular takes a great deal of power, which can in turn harm the environment. According to research conducted by Power Compare, mining Bitcoin in 2017 used more energy than what 159 countries use in a year Whilz is highly concerned about the environment. They are into improving people's health, which is a great initiative. Whilz is also creating a better future by broadening the cryptocurrency vision and the whole network does not need to be involved in every transaction. Through Master Node, the P2P transactions take place directly. Whilz is aiming to be the most environmentally friendly cryptocurrency yet. Because the entire network doesn’t have to be involved in every single transaction, Whilz is better for the environment.
  • Scalability Due to the innovative algorithm and process, Whilz has strong scalability and can be paired with any smartphone around the world. The technology is easy to use and accessible for any smartphone user. The system can manage millions of active users per day.
  • Marketplace The digital currency includes escrow based marketplace which allows users to sell digital goods. Because a third party is holding the funds, both the buyer and seller will feel more secure when making transactions. This enables buyers and sellers to trust one another as well as the system.
  • Buy/Sell If a user needs assets, they may purchase them from the Whilz community or earn them through a referral. Whilz is similar to Local Bitcoins in that people can buy and sell assets for a profit.