Marketplace and Payments

Blockchain technology, as an innovative concept, unequivocally opens a new digital space for improving the financial operations and, more broadly, the functioning of business systems.The robustness of distributed record technology has sparked financial interest institutions, regulators, central banks, and governments to increasingly explore the potentials for financial advancement
The main benefit of blockchain technology is decentralisation. Other crucial benefits are security, transparency, and immutability.
Key Advantages of Blockchain:
  • It allows users to easily verify transaction without the need for third-party confirmation
  • A data structure in the blockchain cannot be changed, altered, or deleted
  • Time-stamping of blocks which means all participants in the ledger activity will adhere to what to be recorded in the block
  • To validate the entry, many protocols are required for verification and this is why there is no risk of any fraud or duplication of a transaction
  • Businesses across the globe can preconfigure blockchain's conditions with the help of smart contracts