Executive Summary

The future of money is digital currency”, quoted by Bill Gates. If we think closely we will see how true this is. In this technologically evolved world, we are highly dependent on digitalization, and this evolution has already digitised the money and we call it Cryptocurrency. It is now widely used and well-accepted by various authorities. The invention of cryptocurrency was out of necessity and after almost a decade we can feel the urge. While blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the world for the better,the average person struggles to understand and use it.
History has been punctuated by many prominent industrial revolutions: the first industrial revolution; the second industrial revolution; the third industrial revolution was defined by computer technology, nuclear energy, and space technology. We hope that Whilz plays a role in the fourth industrial revolution.
Blockchain is a decentralised and entrusted network that achieves peer-to-peer value exchanges. It is known for being efficient as well as transparent. Whilz believes that blockchain technology is the innovative push needed to reshape people's lives and make business easier than ever. Blockchain technology is an extraordinary system that has been meticulously edited and revised mechanically to ensure the best possible technology. Unfortunately, the sheer complexity of blockchain might make the concept difficult for the average person to understand. Technology is often intimidating to use unless the individual already possesses strong knowledge and a sense of understanding. This is partly why this impressive technology remains inaccessible to many people.
This is where Whilz comes in. WIZ Coin is a Binance Chain utility token synchronised with crypto points with the goal of making cryptocurrency more accessible to the average person by being easy to use. Whilz is committed to building an improved and convenient DeFi system to encourage non-technical people to participate in the ecosystem. It is the true combination of DeFi (individuals) and CeFi (business). Blockchain is now considered one of the greatest technological innovations with the highest potential and creativity in the world. We are excited to reveal the “WIZ Algorithm” that operates in synchronicity with Blockchain as well as traditional technology.
The algorithm makes it easier for everyone to understand how digital currency and blockchain technology will change the future payment process. With the advent of digitalization and technology overall, we are about to experience the upcoming era, which will mainly benefit and provide human living prospects. One revolution that occurred in the last decade or two is Bitcoin. There is no single person on Earth Who never heard of the first cryptocurrency established in 2008 by the imaginary group of people known by the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto.
In fact, many are still asking themselves how the whole cryptocurrency system works. The technology needed for Bitcoin to impact the entire economic system is blockchain - an online ledger database of every transaction that has ever occurred during the usage of a particular cryptocurrency.